I’m the new ottoman at Red Sofa Literary. I’m looking for books that entertain, educate, and engage readers — plus any other “e” verb that fits.

My current wish list:
Adult: Nonfiction humor with a strong platform (no dating memoirs).
Adult: Humorous fiction.
Middle-grade with a great voice–especially funny and/or spooky.
Adult/MG: History with a commercial hook. No 20th-century topic pitches, please.
Nonfiction that walks on the weird side–all age groups.
Adult: Romance.
Adult: Mystery with a humorous bent.

Unless specified above, I am not looking for: YA, fantasy, sci-fi, short stories, thrillers, memoirs, picture books, or screenplays.

To query, please send a short email to stacey@redsofaliterary.com. If I would like to see more, I will request the first three chapters of your manuscript or a finished book proposal. Good luck!

Connect with me online at Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagraham.