stack-of-books-vintage-books-book-books2.jpgHello! I’m the ottoman at Red Sofa Literary. I’m looking for books that entertain, educate, and engage readers — plus any other “e” verb that fits.

My current wishlist:
Middle-grade with a great voice — especially funny and/or spooky.
MG/YA/Adult: Nonfiction — looking for fun, quirky, fascinating topics with commercial appeal.
Adult: Romance.
Adult: Mystery with a humorous bent.

Special requests: I’d love to see projects on–

  • Spiritualism: MG or adult, nonfiction or fiction
  • Ouija: Adult, nonfiction
  • Witches: MG or adult, fiction with a new twist
  • Romance with heart…but that doesn’t take itself to seriously
  • MG nonfiction series on women with moxie: Agatha Christie, Beatrix Potter, Hedy Lamarr, Mary Shelley, Ida Lupino

Unless specified above, I am not looking for: YA, fantasy, sci-fi, short stories, thrillers, memoirs, picture books, or screenplays.

To query, please use the contact form on this website. If I would like to see more, I will request the first three chapters of your manuscript or a finished book proposal.

Per agency policy, unrequested attachments, links leading to pages outside of the query, and queries outside of my representative categories may be discarded unread.

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