Hello! I’m the ottoman at Red Sofa Literary. I’m looking for books that entertain, educate, and engage readers. Man, that’s a lot of Es. I am currently closed to queries but look forward to meeting with writers in person at conferences, workshops, and agent pitch days!

My calendar for 2019 is filling up fast so if you’d like to book me for your conference, please reach out through the contact page and let’s chat. 🙂

My current wishlist
Middle-grade with a great voice — especially funny and/or spooky.
MG/YA/Adult: Nonfiction — looking for fun, quirky, fascinating topics with commercial appeal.
Adult: Romance.

Special requests: I’d love to see projects on
Spiritualism: MG or adult, nonfiction or fiction. (Fox sisters, Davenport Brothers, Cora L. V. Scott.)
Ouija: Adult, nonfiction.
MG nonfiction series on women with moxie: Agatha Christie, Beatrix Potter, Mary Shelley, Ida Lupino.

To query, please use the contact form on this website. If I would like to see more, I will request the first three chapters of your manuscript or a finished book proposal.

Query and Submission Tips

  • Write tight. Keep the query short and to the point.
    • Salutation (Dear Stacey is fine).
    • If you’ve met me at a conference, read an article you’d like to reference, admire one of my clients’ work and think your project is along those lines, fantastic! Mention it, but I’m interested in your story, so let’s jump to it and get to the juicy part of the query.
    • Introduce your story efficiently. Who are the main characters, what’s their struggle, and how does it end (I hate cliffhangers)?
      • If querying nonfiction, why is this topic a go-getter? Who is your audience? Why are you the best person to write this book right now? Do you have a proposal ready (hint: have one ready before you query)?
    • Tell me a bit about yourself: writing organizations you belong to, publications you’ve written for, or publishing history.
    • Wrap it up with a high five and we’re done (for now).
    • Always mention genre and word count.
  • Please don’t include a synopsis, attachments, pages pasted into the body, stories about your dog (okay, maybe one), or links to your YouTube channel or your partial on your website.
  • If a partial is requested, please format your file like so: last name/TITLE/partial (or full). I load these onto my e-reader and “3chap.docx” gets lost in the shuffle. Don’t be shuffled.

Per agency policy, unrequested attachments, links leading to pages outside of the query, and queries outside of my representative categories may be discarded unread.

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